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Windsurfing / Paddleboarding Classes

SYSC offers both Windsurfing and Paddleboarding classes for all ages. Enjoy Sheboygan’s lakefront at a leisurely pace on one of our paddleboards or full speed on a windsurfer! 

Youth Classes

We offer windsurfing classes for young sailors at both the beginner and intermediate levels on our beautiful Sheboygan beaches.

Adult Classes

Join us to unwind on the lakefront for an evening of windsurfing and paddleboarding all summer long.

Private Classes

If you’re looking to hone your paddling or windsurfing skills in a smaller and more private setting or you’re in search of something fun to do on Lake Michigan while visiting, our Private Classes are just what you need! Our instructors will give you a one-on-one experience that will leave you wanting to learn even more.