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Volunteer Opportunities

We need your help to make this upcoming sailing season a rewarding one for all of our sailors. We encourage you to get involved with SYSC by heading to the lakefront and lending a hand in a wide variety of ways!

What You Can Do

What You Can Do

Beginning in the spring, SYSC needs volunteers to help open up the building and prep the grounds and boats for the summer season. We also look for help to run events, teach adult classes and work with our team-building groups. 

If you're interested in spending time with us, please get in touch at info@sheboyganyouthsailing.com!


It is part of our mission to make sure sailing education is affordable and accessible to the Sheboygan Community. Your donation helps make this possible.


We provide several opportunities for sponsorships - our boats and sails, both of which are highly visible on the lakefront, as well as SYSC events.

Photo Albums

Sailing is a photogenic sport -  scroll through our photo albums to get a taste of what we are all about.